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Global Seafood Ratings Alliance

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About the Global Seafood Ratings Alliance

The GSRA is an alliance of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) each focused on improving the health of the world’s oceans and the fisheries they support by implementing programs that rate and promote sustainable seafood products.

Goals of the Alliance

1. Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Seafood Rating Organizations (SROs)

2. Increase the standing and leverage of SROs within their spheres of influence and globally

Specific Objectives

1. Provide a forum to exchange information and innovations between Members in relation to issues of seafood sustainability, seafood improvement and ratings systems

2. Improve program collaboration and coordination to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Members in their spheres of influence

3. Provide practical support for Members to work progressively towards agreement on core elements of wild caught and aquaculture seafood sustainability, to improve the overall global impact of NGO seafood programs

4. Coordinate where appropriate on business and consumer focused strategies and seafood product advice related to ratings and improvement